"A hooded figure making his way across what seems like an endless sea of sand comes across the broken shell of a robot we know as Tracks, now lying scattered and offline. The figure gathers up what parts he can find and carries them back home for repair.

After some time the body is rebuilt and as its mind is rebooting he wonders, will it still be able to communicate? And, if so, just how much will it remember?"

It's been a long time...how is everything?

After nearly a decade, The Arkaid is back. With the release of the energetic and nostalgic first single "Tracks Reborn" it's time to begin our story.

Releases so far.

Tracks Reborn

The newest single

Welcome to The Arkaid

The original demo for the project. Featuring a selection of songs and early character art.

Where are we going from here?

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